Monday, March 21, 2016

2016 - January February and March....

Oh my goodness, three months have already disappeared.  Almost.  School holidays took up most of January.  Summer has stretched all the way from December into March.  Autumn hasn't really started and the heat has been unbearable at times.  We have had lots of swims, lots of sunshine, coffees and walks.  We have been camping (and sleeping in tents!) eating hamburgers and icecreams, making smoothies, and trying to keep cool.  Painting and drawing seems to have overtaken stitching and sewing still.  I would like to be doing more stitching as I find it very relaxing, and I find painting very frustrating at times, but I am compelled to keep trying.   Here are some photos from the last three months...

A little embroidery I finished not long ago.

Above and below are some of the cards I drew and painted with watercolours for family Christmas cards

All of them have been painted from photos found on instagram, mostly on dogsofinstagram

Below is a photo of a camping ground we stayed at,  and a billabong filled up by recent rains with everyone camped around it...the smell of all those paperbark trees reminded me of camping when we were kids....

A very Australian bush scene.  
It was wonderful to see all the trees in the camping ground had been left there and not chopped down.  Everyone was camped in and around the trees so there was a lot more privacy.  No powered sites and no phone reception!!!  But there was the most wonderful little cafe in among the trees serving delicious healthy food and great coffee!

A huge storm threatened, but luckily did not eventuate.  I don't think my tent would have survived!  Below is my interpretation of the night time there among the trees and the stars and the campfires!

I would love to go back there soon.

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karmen said...

Que lugar mas especial para acampar, son unos arboles asombrosos, en mi pais no hay. El bordado es amoroso y las acuarelas de los perros preciosos, pintas muy bonito. Feliz otoño!