Tuesday, January 20, 2015

What I am working on...

I am working on a few different bits and pieces and as usual it's all going slowly.  Maybe I was a snail in another life.  It's school holidays and I have been having the kids over, and that means I don't concentrate on my 'stuff'.  I have still managed to do a painting or drawing every day though, and now I have 20 postcard size artworks, which makes me happy.

I printed out a photo of my niece onto a sheet of canvas and I am stitching away at that. It's the same way I did the figures in the photo at the top of the blog.  It's a little time consuming getting the needle through the canvas but I will push on with it and ignore the pain!  I have nerve damage in my right hand which means it is painful to stitch, but I love embroidery, and just thinking of the end result makes it worth it.

I have a very old comfortable pair of shorts that are threadbare in places, so on the left is my attempt at sashiko - mending Japanese style.  I used blue DMC and stitched over a patch of patterned fabric.  The embroidery shapes on the right I did a while ago before I learned about sashiko.  There is another small patch of mending just under the pocket.

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