Sunday, March 9, 2014


Limpets on a half submerged rock in the sand
so many different colours and pattterns

I thought he was a puffer fish, but he is a 
Porcupine fish.  
Poor old thing, he looked as though he was smiling.

 These are balls of sand that a crab has made.  While looking for food he rolls the sand he has already searched into little balls, so he doesn't look through the same bits of sand again!

 More pattern on this little crab.....and

making my own patterns...I am trying a new stitch I found in an old book, it's called wave stitch (the stitch on the right in the darker blue)


karmen said...

Hola! Una playa llena de vida, se ve salvage como a mi me gustan. Curioso el cangrejo que hace bolas de arena por aqui no hay de esta especie. El nuevo punto del bordado muy bonito, te esta quedando espectacular. Un cariñoso saludo desde España.

wenda said...

Hola Karmen! Muchas gracias!!