Monday, September 30, 2013

At last....

I am trying to get all the little half finished projects that are lying around my place completed, so I can feel some sense of progress after being stuck in a creative rut for most of this year.  I first posted about this relaxing embroidery last October, so it's been sitting around for a long time...

It started off being a relaxing fun embroidery, which I could pick up any time and do a little bit of work on, but by this year it had become buried under layers of drawings, calico, and various bits of pretty fabric and whenever I uncovered it, it stared accusingly at me, reminding me that my creative spirit had gone walkabout.

But after finishing the last embroidery 'One must have sunshine' I felt more motivated.  I uncovered a few of those unfinished pieces, and kept sewing.

Now I can move on to the next unfinished project. 

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