Friday, May 3, 2013

What happened in April ...

Snowy and the wolf hung around in my bag

Succulents grew in the garden....the pretty little pink flowers 
emerge from the edges of the leaves like little roses

Pretty, green and symmetrical, these are hardy
little bushes

The beach was wonderful...the school holidays
were amazing, the water was warm and the
waves were just right.  Two weeks of perfect weather. 
It was a shame to see the end of it, and the end
of the flags and the lifesavers till next summer.

With the beach this good, it is easy to see why my crafting 
disappeared...I have completely lost all my inspiration 
to embroider or paint....aaargh, I'm not sure where it's gone,
but it's beginning to be a bit of a worry.  I hope it returns
soon :(

The water temperature was like a warm bath!

Not looking forward to winter one bit.

I set up a little desk to try and get back into the spirit of things....
I got out my watercolours and my beautiful
coloured embroidery cottons....

and I did a small watercolour for a
birthday card.  They are meant to be
slices of orange but I fear they look 
more like tomatoes!

I had a little visitor for about an hour one day....

He was good company.  
His name is Schnitzel.  Dogs are
so comforting.  He did try to give
me lots of kisses, eek.

Then I took him back to his home.

I can't decide which view I like the best:  the view above,

...or this view.  I really love them both.  
City or country, they both have their wondeful points
and their drawbacks.  I suppose you just have to enjoy where
you are, no matter where that might be.

And seeing these little guys hanging around in the front yard
is pretty special.

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