Saturday, August 18, 2012


I love caravans.  The top picture is an embroidery based on a watercolour painting I did a while back.  I did the second picture for my daughter's birthday card, and the last picture shows the caravan my grandfather built way back in the fifties. In the summer all the cousins and aunties and uncles would go away camping together.  I loved that caravan, it was called Lazy Days and it was my grandparents' domain.  We slept in big square canvas tents, which I don't think were waterproof!  We had little wooden and canvas bunk beds to sleep in.

We would spend all day swimming, often there were jellyblubbers (jellyfish) with big long fat legs and sometimes we would get stung, but it wasn't bad enough to stop us going in.  We had blow up float rings shaped liked turtles and my older sister and cousin both had long floats with paddles that our grandfather had also made.  At night all the adults and kids would go prawning, walking through the water with torches and buckets.

The camping ground had a shop that sold everything, including lollies which were kept in big jars.  You could buy a small white paper bag full for a few pennies.  Freckles, cobbers, musk sticks, allsorts, licorice, big green and red frogs to name a few.

I still remember the soft lapping of the water, there were never any big waves as it was a huge lake, and the only waves were made by speed boats out a bit further.  There was a beach nearby, but it was a trek through snakey bushland to get there, and once there, a burning, foot scalding run down to the waves.  It was a wild beach from what I can remember, and I was scared that a stingray would attack me for some reason! 

I think we were really very lucky to have those holidays.


giddy99 said...

Love the pics and embroidery, and the story, too! I miss camping.

wenda said...

Thanks Giddy. I miss it too.