Monday, May 21, 2012

Snowy NYC and stitching photos

My sister went to New York last year with her younger daughter to visit her older daughter who is living in NYC with her girlfriend.  She took some amazing photos of the snow covered streets and cars and the girls, and so I thought I would try and stitch some of them.

I started stitching last year but other things got in the way and when I knew my niece was coming back for a visit, I got stuck in.  I printed the photo with my photocopier onto artist canvas for acrylic paints, which is sort of cottony on one side and plastic-y on the other side (so a bit tough to push through with the needle sometimes, especially with nerve damage in my right hand! ouch).  The photo turned out in soft colours and in a sort of negative photo look, because the black ink had run out, but I liked the effect and traced round the figures in pencil.

Then I embroidered the girls in black backstitch (my favourite) and did some fill stitch for their furry jacket lining and hats.  I put it in a little white frame for them, and then decided I liked them so much I did two more.  I submitted these to an exhibition but they didn't get chosen.  Never mind, I'm determined not to feel rejected and to keep on trying!  I have bought two white frames for them and will probably give them to my sister.  I love that my younger niece is jumping in one of the photos, it looks like she was really enjoying herself.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Visiting and not crafting...

Queen Victoria Building

A visit to Skateboard Park

Reading about crafting and selling

My sister's cat Wolf

An Italian dessert (filled with chocolate), shared with my sisters