Sunday, February 19, 2012

New fishy fish project

A mosaic leather jacket (also known as dinnerplate leatherjacket!) from the book Sea Fishes of Southern Australia

My sketch:   I was going to paint the circles yellow and embroider the rest in blue, but ended up doing the opposite and painting the blue and embroidering yellow. 

Lots of satin stitching going on, and I also used some herringbone stitch in there, seeing it's a fishy stitch to do.  Going slowly but I'll get there.  There will be a trio then, Mr Pufferfish, Humpty Dumpty and Dinnerplate.


big B said...

This is lovely! I really like the 3-d effect from the painting and then satin stitching. Beautiful floss colors in his tail too :)

wenda said...

Thanks very much Kim!