Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I want to go wandering...

I was finally able to give my big sister the embroidered cushion I made for her!  It took a long time to finish because so much was happening the last few months.  It's only a few months late!

I embroidered a picture from the book "Off the Beaten Track" A Traveller's Anthology, by Laura Stoddart (Orion Books 2002).  It's a beautifully illustrated book full of quotes from travellers through the ages. 

I drew it onto calico first and coloured bits in with my Derwent colouring pencils before embroidering it.  I mostly used one strand of DMC cotton but there were a few places I used 2 strands, and stuck to the old trusty backstitch.

  The messy back of the embroidery!



Thursday, December 13, 2012

Embroidery patterns from wendalene at big cartel....

Just a reminder that if you purchase an embroidery pattern from my shop at big cartel, please check you have an up to date email address linked to it...sometimes the email address on paypal is an old one and doesn't work any more, and then I can't email you the PDF pattern!  :(

Monday, December 3, 2012

Markets again....Mums and Bubs

We had the December mums and bubs markets last Saturday and so I was busy sewing and drawing right up to midnight on the Friday.  Some pics from the markets ....


I drew some little people onto small dishes with the Pebeo pen for ceramics, and baked them in the oven....

I drew another owl in waterproof pen, then coloured him in and stitched around the outline and put some stitches inside as well ...

 and did a few new embroideries which I made into small cushions.....

November disappeared in a blur of hospital visits and trips to Sydney.  My youngest grandson underwent a huge operation on his skull to give him some more room, his third operation since he was born with craniostenosis.  He has bounced back remarkably well, he is such a little fighter!

And I still can't show my sister's birthday present as I have not been able to give it to her yet.  Hopefully soon.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Relaxing embroidery

This embroidery is something I can pick up when I just want to relax.  It is just for me and just for fun and so there is no pressure for it to be good or perfect. It's like reading a book, I look forward to going back to it to work on it a bit more each time.  It's nearly finished, but I have had other things to do.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

This little pig went to market

Well September flew past too quickly with lots of things to do...embroidery, drawing, babysitting, trips up and down the highway, school holidays and getting ready for the October Mums and Bubs markets.  I didn't have a lot of time left for that, but managed to get a few things ready at last.

It was a windy day and the markets were held outside this time, and apart from a few things blowing off the table, it was good fun to be there.  We were near the sausage sizzle this time and the smell was too good to resist. 

I had some lovely comments and sold some more things.  I went with my friend Elga and we chatted and drank our coffee and the time went pretty quickly.  I will miss the next markets, which is a shame, I really enjoy going!  Hopefully everything will be good for the December markets.  And it will give me time to make some more detailed nursery rhyme cushions, which I love doing.

Here is the latest one.....This little pig went to market.......

I also made some little girl bags......


Now I have to make something for my sister's birthday.  I already have something planned.  I hope it will work out.  I have also been doing some embroidery for my own relaxation and I will post some photos soon.

I am also thinking of changing the embroidery pdf patterns in my little big cartel online shop soon, when I get time and brain space to think about it!

Sunday, September 9, 2012


A small A5 watercolour and ink.  I've been looking after my little sister who has been ill, so no crafting for the last couple of weeks.  In the meantime she put me on to The Honest Toddler on Twitter......and as someone who babysits a toddler pretty regularly, I can recommend it for a good laugh.  Addicted now!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sydney sandstone

Another Sydney trip.........taking photos (while stopped in traffic) of the sandstone buildings in College and Macquarie Streets in the city.....

The picture below is taken in the suburb of Randwick.  It is part of the Prince of Wales Hospital. This building opened in 1858 and was originally the Asylum for Destitute Children.  I have often walked past it and wondered about the children who lived here and what their lives were like.  We were back here recently for my grandson, who has a disability, to visit his doctors at the Children's Hospital on the same site.

Saturday, August 18, 2012


I love caravans.  The top picture is an embroidery based on a watercolour painting I did a while back.  I did the second picture for my daughter's birthday card, and the last picture shows the caravan my grandfather built way back in the fifties. In the summer all the cousins and aunties and uncles would go away camping together.  I loved that caravan, it was called Lazy Days and it was my grandparents' domain.  We slept in big square canvas tents, which I don't think were waterproof!  We had little wooden and canvas bunk beds to sleep in.

We would spend all day swimming, often there were jellyblubbers (jellyfish) with big long fat legs and sometimes we would get stung, but it wasn't bad enough to stop us going in.  We had blow up float rings shaped liked turtles and my older sister and cousin both had long floats with paddles that our grandfather had also made.  At night all the adults and kids would go prawning, walking through the water with torches and buckets.

The camping ground had a shop that sold everything, including lollies which were kept in big jars.  You could buy a small white paper bag full for a few pennies.  Freckles, cobbers, musk sticks, allsorts, licorice, big green and red frogs to name a few.

I still remember the soft lapping of the water, there were never any big waves as it was a huge lake, and the only waves were made by speed boats out a bit further.  There was a beach nearby, but it was a trek through snakey bushland to get there, and once there, a burning, foot scalding run down to the waves.  It was a wild beach from what I can remember, and I was scared that a stingray would attack me for some reason! 

I think we were really very lucky to have those holidays.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Owls, pussycats and more...

After a really busy week of cutting, sewing, stitching, tagging and staying up late worrying about how much to put on each item, it was off to the markets!  Up early (not used to that) it was lovely to see the sun starting to rise over the beach, and exciting to get to the markets and set up our table.  We chatted and met other stall holders and got tips for future markets and it was all very much fun.  The smell of sausages sizzling outside was tempting, and we drank coffee from a thermos and ate chocolate biscuits (for energy, of course).  We sold our hand made things, and we'll be back next month I hope to do it all again.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Getting ready for the Mums and Bubs markets!

My friend and I are finally going to the markets to sell our wares (hopefully!!) on Saturday, so lots of busy making is going on here.........